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Equality and Harassment Policy 

The aim of this policy is to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect and that the Futuro Soccer Academy is equally accessible to them all.


The Constitution of the Futuro Soccer academies requires the Club to adhere to the Harassment Policy as published and approved by the OSA from time to time, and that Policy is hereby incorporated by reference into the Club’s policies as the Harassment Policy of the Club.


The OSA Harassment Policy is published on the OSA website


Futuro Soccer Academy is committed to fostering a harassment-free workplace where all members are treated with

respect and dignity. The Futuro Soccer Academy protects all its members from harassment based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability or pardoned conviction.

Harassment at Futuro Soccer Academy is not tolerated. Members who are found to have harassed another individual may be subject to disciplinary action. This includes any directors, officers, employees, volunteers, coaches, game officials, administrators, players, and registrants of the academy who: interferes with the resolution of a harassment complaint; retaliates against an individual for filing a harassment complaint; or files an unfounded harassment complaint intended to cause harm.

This policy applies to all current members of Futuro Soccer academy, including full and part-time, casual, contract, permanent and temporary employees. This policy also applies to job applicants. This policy applies to all behaviour that

is in some way connected to work, including during off/on-site meetings, training sessions and on business trips; where;

Supervisors are responsible for:

•   fostering a harassment-free work environment and setting an example about appropriate workplace behaviour;
·   communicating the process for investigating and resolving harassment complaints made by employees;
•   dealing with harassment situations immediately upon becoming aware of them, whether or not a harassment complaint
    has been made;
•   taking appropriate action during a harassment investigation, including separating the parties to the harassment complaint,
    when appropriate; and
•   ensuring harassment situations are dealt with in a sensitive and confidential manner


Members (employees, volunteers, coaches, game officials, administrators, players, and registrants) are responsible for:
•   treating others with respect in the workplace;
•   reporting any kind of harassment whether it is verbal or written
•   cooperating with a harassment investigation and respecting the confidentiality related to the investigation process;


Members can expect:

•   to be treated with respect on and off the filed;

•   that reported harassment will be dealt with in a timely, confidential and effective manner;

•   to have their rights to a fair process and to confidentiality respected during a harassment investigation.

•   to be protected against retaliation for reporting harassment or cooperating with a harassment investigation.

The Futuro Soccer Academy commits itself to the immediate investigation of any claims, when it is brought to its attentions, of discrimination on the above grounds and where such is found to be the case, a requirement that the practice stop and sanctions imposed as appropriate.

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