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Parent Code of Conduct    

1.    Remember that your children are involved in organized soccer for their enjoyment, not yours. Please

       remember that your child has been chosen to participate in a High Performance Program, which does not 

       necessarily include equal playing time for all participants. Encourage your child to always play by the rules 

       without undue disappointment. 


2.    Turn defeat to victory by helping your child to work toward skill improvement and good sportsmanship. 

       Never ridicule or yell at your child for making a mistake. 


3.    Provide your child with plenty of encouragement because that is the best way they learn. 


4.    Do not publicly question the coach’s judgment and never question they’re honesty. 


5.    Never openly criticize the performance of a referee or an assistant referee. 


6.    The coaches selected are of the highest caliber and as such are given the task of coaching your child. Under no 
       circumstances is it permissible to communicate any information to the players during games or practices 
       except through the coach or assistant coach. (There is a difference between coaching and cheering). 
       That is why we are here. 


7.    Please let your child speak on their behalf. The coaching staff is encouraging them to be responsible for their  

       own experiences whilst involved in our academy. 

8.    Parents will not be permitted on the playing feld at any time during training unless otherwise requested to do  

       so. We want our players to have a safe and enjoyable environment in training without the any adult pressures. 


9.    Parents are not permitted to speak about anyone else’s child in the academy other than their own. If a parent  

       displays negativity, ridicules or is found to be speaking about the performance of other players, it will be 

       grounds for immediate dismissal of their own child from the academy. Parents are responsible for helping  

       create a positive atmosphere for everyone involved in the academy.


10.  Do not question or approach any of the coaches after a match to confront them with an issue that you might  

       have. Wait 24 hours before contacting Sanjeev to discuss the problem.


11.   Any team fundraising that is done will remain in the Futuro team fund and will not be distributed back to 

       parents if their child is released from the academy or is no longer in the academy. 

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