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Players Uniform Policy

  1. The purpose of this policy outlined in this document is to ensure teams representing the Futuro soccer academy in
    area soccer leagues, tournaments, and in-house programs are outfitted appropriately.


2.   Futuro Soccer Academy has a commitment to provide serviceable and attractive uniform kits consistent with Club
      branding to all representative and competitive players.  

3.   This policy describes the uniform kits that will be provided to teams/players, security deposit, uniform distribution to
      teams, uniform distribution to players, and uniform returns.


4.   Competitive team uniforms shall be coloured utilizing the Club colours. Navy, Green and Light Blue. Recreational team
      uniforms shall be coloured Navy, White, and Light Blue. All jerseys will be branded with the Futuro Soccer Academy
      Logo and a unique team number on the back.


5.   The following are mandatory uniform items: Adidas home and away jersey, Adidas navy blue shorts and Adidas white /
      navy blue socks. Team goalkeepers are required to wear an Adidas goalkeeper jersey, Adidas Shorts and Adidas socks


6.   All Futuro coaches will be issued a Futuro branded collar shirt, Recreational 1 per team Competitive 1 per team that will
      be paid for by the Futuro Soccer Academy. It is mandatory that this shirt will be worn at all events where the coach is    
      representing the Futuro Soccer Academy. This includes but is not limited to league games tournaments. Additional  
      polos can be purchased through the Club Administrator


7.   Players who arrive at the field of play not wearing proper attire will not be permitted to participate until they are in full
      attire. Uniforms should not be worn to practices.


8.   The Club Administrator will be the point of contact for all Futuro uniform issues. Team managers should have      
      documentation of all items purchased. The Club Uniform/Equipment Director will distribute all uniforms/equipment to
      the teams.


9    Training Gear: Every Futuro player will need to purchase the following training gear. 2 pairs of Adidas white/navy socks,
      2 pairs of Adidas shorts, 2 training t-shirts, 1 set of warm-up pants,1 training jacket, 1 rain jacket,1 backpack.Each player       will be responsible for replacing any damaged or out grown items.


10. Each player will be responsible for purchasing new gear when ever the club changes it’s gear.

For the summer season:

All Youth Competitive/Representative and Adult Representative players will be provided:

•     One (1) pair of shorts;

•     One (1) pair of socks; and

•     Will be loaned One (1) home and One (1) away jersey.

All Futuro Competitve players will be provided:

•      Will be loaned One (1) home and One (1) away jersey.


All Youth Recreational (U4 to 12) players will be provided:

•     One (1) pair of shorts;

•     One (1) pair of socks; and

•     One (1) Recreational Jersey

All Youth Recreational (U13-U18) players will be provided:

•     One (1) pair of shorts;

•     One (1) pair of socks; and

•     One (1) home and One (1) away Recreational jersey.

All Adult Recreational players will be loaned:

•     Will be loaned One (1) home and One (1) away jersey. (shorts and socks will be available to purchase via the
      club store)


Security Deposit

•    All teams are required to provide a security deposit, in the form of a valid cheque payable to Futuro Soccer Academy, for
     their set(s) of borrowed jerseys. This is excluding youth recreational Teams as there is a new jersey issued each year to
     youth recreational players.


•    The security deposit amount will be established annually by the Club and be equal to the replacement cost of the
     jersey(s). The security deposit for 2017 summer season is $500.


•    The team representative must present a security deposit cheque in order to pick up their team’s jerseys. The Club will
     not release partial jersey sets.


•    The security deposit will be retained (cheques will be cashed) by the Club until after the end of the season when the
     jersey sets are returned and checked by the Club for missing jerseys , soiled and unusual damage or wear.


•    When all jerseys from the team are returned in reasonable condition, the full uniform deposit cheque will be returned by
     the Club to the team representative.


•    If a jersey is lost or damaged, the security deposit (up the replacement cost of the jersey(s)) will be forfeited. The
     balance of the deposit will be returned by the club (cheque amount minus the replacement cost. The cost of 1 jersey for
     2017 is $40.


Uniform distribution to teams
The Club will notify team representatives of ‘uniform pick-up days’, and/or schedule a ‘pick-up date’.

A team representative will be responsible for picking up uniforms and distributing uniforms to team players.

Uniform distribution to players
Teams are responsible to assign jerseys to players and submit assigned numbers/names to the Club Registrar.  


Uniform returns

•    The Club will distribute and notify team representative of the jersey return date(s).
•    Each team is responsible to collect the uniforms back from players and present them back to the Club.
•    At the end of each season jerseys will be presented back to the Club by a team representative to be inspected
     and held by the Club.

•    Jerseys must be in acceptable condition upon returning them to the Club.  Normal wear and tear and age will be taken
     into consideration.  The Club reserves the sole right in determining condition of the jerseys.

•    Cheques will be issued to the team representative based on assessed condition of the uniforms, payable to the issuer
     of the deposit.

•    Teams are responsible to ensure all uniforms are returned during the drop off time for each specific team.


Note: Extra socks and shorts will be available to be ordered on the Club store.

Uniform Care Instructions
Often younger teams like to have popsicles after games, which often contain colouring which may stain uniforms.  
Have players change out of their Jersey’s before treats!


Uniform Do’s

•    ONLY use mild detergents (pH under 10).

•    Launder soiled uniforms immediately according to care labels.

•    Follow care labels provided in garments.

•    Store uniforms in a cool, dry area protected from sunlight and fluorescent light to prevent mildew or yellowing.
     (A breathable container is best).

•    Air dry uniforms flat or tumble dry on low heat immediately after washing.

Uniform Don’ts

•    Wash/Rinse in water hotter than 110 degrees.

•    Wash colors with whites Bleach

•    Pile or bag soiled or damp garments together.

•    Allow garments to remain in the washing machine after cycle has finished. Mold and mildew may stain uniforms
     if left wet.

•    Dry garments on high heat setting.

•    Iron or press uniforms.



•    All reports of Uniform Policy Violations will be forwarded to the Directors of Competitive or Recreational Teams for

•    The Competitive or Recreational managers will report their findings to the Technical Directors for resolution; and

•    The Futuro Soccer Academy may impose penalties on teams that fail to comply up to and including suspension by
      the Club.

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