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Youth (13+) Play-Up Procedures

The Futuro Soccer Academy strives to develop players according to the Long Term Player Development (“LTPD”) principles as put forward by the Ontario Soccer Association.

Playing up should be encouraged when appropriate for development purposes. Players will be encouraged, when in the best interest of the player, to play up within the tiers of their own age group at the competitive levels. Players may be also called up at these age groups from the recreational level to play at competitive levels.

For players U13 and older:

•    Per game: teams at the U14 and older level may call up to three players per game, according to Article 7 of the East
     Region Soccer League rules, and following agreement between the coaches of both teams in question, and the
     player/parents involved, according to the following guidelines:

•    Call-ups should be consistent with OSA Long Term Player Development (LTPD) guidelines and follow ERSL rules.

•    Coaches are encouraged to make call-up requests as early as possible, understanding that some late call up requests
     due to illness or other reasons are unavoidable. Club officials will endeavour to process all requests in time for the  
     relevant game, however it may not always be possible to accommodate requests made on game day. To mitigate against
     that possibility, the Club will ensure that multiple individuals have the ability to approve call ups.

•    Coaches of teams in the U9-U12 age bracket are encouraged to solicit feedback from their cohort coach regarding
     which players to “call-up”.

Call-up Procedure

•    Please contact the coach from the team you are requesting a call up from.  

•    Do not contact players of another team directly.

•    Let the coach know the specific number of players needed and what positions.  

•    If the game is a key game in the season, please let them know that also.  

•    Please copy this coach on any correspondence with the player. 99% of call-ups should work smoothly and so there is no
     need to copy club officials on call-up requests.

•    In the unlikely event that you feel that another coach is not accommodating reasonable call-up requests, or if another
     coach calls up a player from your team without consulting you, please contact the technical director and youth
     competitive directors.


Per season on the team roster: U14 and older teams may also have underage players on their roster. For a player to be put on an older team roster, there needs to be agreement among the coaches in question and validation by the technical director. For an under-age player to be placed on a regional or provincial team that player must be in the top third of players on that team in terms of overall playing ability. For playing up a year on District level teams, the player must not displace an at-age player who is capable of playing at the District Competitive level.

In exceptional circumstances, the Club will allow a team to play up a year, in accordance with ERSL regulations (Article 4), usually when the ERSL decides to combine two age years into one division, and subject to the agreement of the ERSL.

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