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Oath of Confidentiality

Directors, Members, staff, team officials, referees, and volunteers of Futuro Soccer Academy will keep confidential all information concerning other Members, staff, team officials, referees, volunteers and players of the Club.


•    All personal information obtained during provision of services or for employment, contract or to volunteer shall be treated      as confidential.

•    Personal information may only be released with consent.

•    Directors will sign the Oath of Confidentiality form annually.

•    Where a Director, Member, staff, team official, referee, or volunteer is deemed to have violated the Oath of            
     Confidentiality policy, the Club may take action depending on the severity of the violation.


Futuro Soccer Academy Oath of Confidentiality

This agreement made this ______________(day) day of ____________(month) 2______(year)

Futuro Soccer Academy and



I understand all information directly or indirectly received through my involvement with the Futuro Soccer Academy is to be kept strictly private and confidential. This would include all business related to the Club (i.e., financial information, personnel issues relating to staff or other volunteers, and participant/family information).


A break in this oath of confidentiality may result in my being asked to leave my position with the Club.

I have read and understand all of the above.


Dated  _________________________________


Signature  ______________________________

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