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About Us


To PRODUCE Professional, International, and University level players and to provide every player the ability to reach their utmost potential.


Futuro will be referred to as the breeding ground for Ottawa soccer players. Training of top players will take centre stage as we produce players to play at the highest level possible.


To promote a Possession based attacking strategy through the freedom of player movement and to create confident individuals who can display their creativity and flair. Futuro players will play a style of JOGA BONITO (beautiful) soccer which emphasizes the following: Possession based attacking strategy through the freedom of player movement with the emphasis of switching the ball across the width of the field to unbalance the opposition in order to create opportunities to play penetrating balls forward and to create confident individuals who can display their creativity and flair in the attacking third. Defensive strategy of getting every player behind the ball immediately after losing possession in order to win the ball back in the least amount of time to counter attack with speed and purpose.

We will teach our players to do this through emphasizing the following:

  • Attacking principles of play (width, depth/support, mobility, penetration and Improvisation)

  • Play out from the defending third with quality passing as a primary option

  • Combination play amongst the midfield players in the middle third of the field

  • Individual creativity by using 1v1 moves in the attacking third of the field 

  • Defensive principles of play (delay, concentration, depth, balance, patience and restraint)


Every Day in Every Way

Our slogan reminds us daily of our core values in the academy. We want to pursue excellence in all
seven pillars both on and off the field at all times in our life. Soccer is known worldwide as the
beautiful game. It takes hard working, motivated, and committed young players to learn how to play
soccer beautifully. There are many life skills learned by young players in training that are transferrable
to all aspects of their lives. While our ambitions have no ceiling, the reality is that not all of our young
players will earn a living playing professionally. Therefore, it is important that we focus on education
as a viable alternative, and as a means to earning a living and contributing to our society. As Xavi of
Barcelona says of La Massia, "Some youth academies worry about winning, we worry about
education."  It is no coincidence that one of the 7 Pillars is Educationally Sound. We will link the
6 Learning Skills and Work Habits from the Ontario Curriculum - Responsibility, Organization,
Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative and Self-Regulation - into our program. These learning
skills have connections on and off the field with playing the beautiful game and they will be tied into
the first 4 of 7 Pillars listed below. Focussing on Learning Skills allows players to focus on effort
at school and not worry about grades - try hard and we will help players reach their potential.


Fair Play

Does not lie, cheat or steal



Stays enthusiastic, confident and positive

Discipline to control emotions

Doesn’t dwell on mistakes


Leadership skills

Ability to interact with teammates,
coaches, parents and media

Responsible for self and team 


Works hard to maintain good grades
(minimum standards will be required to
remain in the academy)

Turns in assignments on time

*Each player will go through a formal interview with our Education Advisor each reporting period to make sure they are attaining the required standards


Speed, Endurance, Athleticism, Quickness, Agility, Core Strength, Flexibility



Technical Speed (how quick and clean with
the ball)

Receiving, Running with the ball, Retaining
the ball & Releasing the ball


Tactical Speed (recognition and reaction)

Understands and applies Principles of Play

Understanding of how to:

1. Attack when opponents are ‘in balance’

2. Attacking when opponents are ‘out of balance’

3. Defending when our team is ‘in balance’

4. Defending when our team is ‘out of balance’

Player Identification
  • Identify players within Eastern Canada and Western Quebec with the potential to excel in soccer.

  • Recruit players who have the dedication and desire to reach the highest level of competition in the sport of soccer.

Identification Methods:
Player Development

Develop talented and dedicated players by:

  • Providing top class coaching and facilities.

  • Providing Professional support staff.

  • Focusing on player development that stresses individual growth by establishing and reaching goals.

  • Creating a competitive and fun learning environment that prioritizes development over winning.

  • Instilling values and life-skills that benefit players outside of soccer: teamwork, discipline, commitment.

  • Stressing importance of education in the overall development of the person and player.

  • Developing life long passion for the sport of soccer.

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