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Soft Feet Program

22 Day Soft Feet Challenge

Day 1: Tuesday, March 21

Time: 9 minute Futuro Training Cube Workout

Challenge: 25 seconds x 6 attempts

Training Log: Enter your best score and training time for the day
Download Here: Futuro Training Cube

Training Space: Information provided beside the Skill below

Training Log: Refer to spreadsheet for your respective age group

Futuro FIFA Card: Level up and earn all 16 cards 


You have a 9 minute Futuro Cube Workout, which unlocks your ability to challenge yourself to a 25 second Daily Soft Foot Challenge. You have 25 seconds to get as many touches as possible and then record it into the spreadsheet.

You roll the cube and select which skill you want to work on for the next 20 seconds at your highest intensity level while focusing on proper technique and rhythm with the ball. At the completion of your 20 seconds, you roll the cube again to select the next skill. Upon completing all 27 footwork skill patterns, you are able to enter the CHALLENGE ROUND where you perform the daily challenge for the day to earn your highest score. Enter your highest score into the Training Log Spreadsheet. 

When training with the ball, it is highly recommended that you play bare feet in order to develop a greater awareness and feeling for the ball.

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