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Screening policy

Assessment of Risk

The first principle of screening is risk management, which simply means “What could go wrong here” and “How do we avoid it?”  Risk management involves looking at the possibilities of loss or injury that might arise in programs, activities and services and taking steps to stop, minimize, prevent or eliminate them all together. This includes the Club’s obligation to take all reasonable measures to care for and protect their participants from harm. The need to screen an applicant is dictated by the nature of the position and its inherent level of risk. When determining, risk consider such factors as the participant, the environment, the nature of the activity, the level of supervision and the nature of the relationship.

For example, a high-risk position is defined as a position in which staff members, volunteers, or Board members are in direct contact with, or provide direct service to, vulnerable individuals, and when the applicant will be in a position of trust, power or influence and whose contact is unsupervised and/or takes place off site.

Definition of Positions:

The various levels of play in the sport have been ranked per the level of risk associated with that position and the appropriate screening measures have been assigned to each level of risk.

High Risk Positions:

  • Competitive team Coaches and Managers: Rep, Select and All-Star Teams  

  • Development camp leaders and staff: Indoor development camps, summer camp and academy programs

Medium Risk Positions:

  • Recreational team volunteer parent coaches, U18 divisions (U16-U18)

  • Non-parent volunteer coaches in all recreational divisions U4 to U15

  • Recreational division convenors, U18 divisions

Low Risk Positions:

  • Recreational team volunteer officials, U15 and younger  

Boundaries/ Limitations:

  • Shall never be alone with a player

  • Shall not be responsible for transportation to/from practices/games/tournaments

  • Shall not be responsible for water or snacks

  • Shall be a role model - no drugs/alcohol/smoking or abusive language at practices/games/tournaments shall comply with the Dress Code as defined by the Club

  • Shall ADHERE to OSA and Club policies

  • Shall embrace Club values, principles, and policy as per Club Constitution

  • Shall demonstrate the ability to set and maintain standards for players (i.e. respect, self-discipline, fair play)  

Screening Measures:

High Risk

Application Form (with references)

Interview by Selection Committee

References Checked Out

Police Records Check

Evaluation by Club

Medium Risk

Application Form (Reference Checks Optional)

Police Records Check  


Confidentiality of Personal Information:

Once the Club receives information about an applicant, whether from the applicant directly or from the police, then the Club becomes responsible for that information and is then subject to many of the same legal requirements and regulations as other holders of personal information, in terms of confidentiality and access. The Club is required to safeguard the confidentiality of personal information gathered during the screening process. Only the President, the “Screening Official” and (where necessary) the Selection Committee will review personal information including the Police Record Checks. The Screening Official at the Club is the Technical Director. Any individual involved in the screening process must sign an Oath of Confidentiality Information received through the screening process will only be used to determine if an applicant is suitable for a specific position.

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