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Academy Communication Policy

Proper communication within the Futuro Soccer Academy is vital to our success. This policy has been created to ensure a minimum level of communication is maintained within the Academy. Efforts should be made to ensure where possible, the standards and frequency of communication meet the requirements of the Academy members.

Futuro Soccer Academy Bylaws, Policies and Rules: The academy bylaws, policies and rules must be made available
to academy members and they are placed on the Academy website.

Team Communication: The Academy administrator will maintain distribution lists for various groups within the Academy. These include, Youth teams, Senior Teams, Older teams, etc. Regular communication occurs within these groups. The groups are kept up to date on such things as equipment requirements, registration updates, tryout information, roster updates, league rules and updates, meetings, etc.

Coach Communication: All written communication to individual youth players (i.e. those under the age of 18) from
coaches or team managers must include the player’s parent. Coaches/managers shall not use such communications tools as Facebook, other social networks, Instant Messaging, etc. to communicate with his/her players that bypass the parents or legal guardians of youth players, unless it is clear and agreed upon by team parents that this function will be used.

Website: The website contains a great deal of information. This is the main source of information for Academy members. The website must be updated within a reasonable time frame and kept current.

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